Bamboo Flooring

Ecologically-friendly, natural and low-maintenance, bamboo is ideal for those seeking a natural flooring but are concerned about the environment. Bamboo has been a standard flooring throughout Asia for centuries but is relatively new to Western homes.

Bamboo flooring usually looks just like bamboo, although, thanks to innovative production techniques it is now more frequently available in different colours. The variety of colours and styles available range from lighter styles like Verdura's White Wash, darker styles such as Stonewood's Mahogany, and patterned styles like BT Bamboo's Africa.

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is a strong but flexible grass that can grow over 30 metres tall. It takes 5 - 7 years to mature for harvest - this is a fast regeneration compared to traditional wooden flooring such as oak, which takes 80 - 120 years to regenerate. Bamboo is cut and processed in various methods to produce different types of floorboards that meet different types of needs. For example, Bamboo can be combined with laminate to produce a harder, more durable flooring.

Not just for pandas...

If you care about the environment, Bamboo is a good flooring choice. Not only is it fast to regenerate, it’s hardy against bugs and doesn’t require a lot of pesticide for protection. Even dust-mites don’t like it when it’s installed, so Bamboo is good for people who prefer a hypoallergenic home. And, if your home or office is susceptible to damp or humid conditions, Bamboo can retain its shape in these conditions better than hardwood.

Will it suit your budget?

Bamboo can vary widely in cost, due to different types of production and finishes. Usually, the more you pay, the better the finish and quality - and the less likely your flooring will easily scratch and dent. Have a look through our selection, and when you see something you like, please request a quote.

When you shouldn’t choose Bamboo

If you’d like the option to sand down and refinish your floor in a few years, you’d be better off choosing a hardwood. If you’d prefer the tactile sense of a ‘soft’ flooring that won’t echo sound, avoid the cheaper products or opt for hardwood or vinyl - which are also better if you have pets or other creatures that may unintentionally scratch the flooring.

Free assessment

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