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Tallowwood Timber Flooring

Tallowwood is an extremely hard, durable and versatile Australian native hardwood species. Its timber products are suitable for a wide range of applications. With its warm golden honey colour, its exceptional durability and its interesting grain features it is highly sought after by Designers and Architects.

Tallowwood offers an elegant neutral toned palette, with no compromise on durability (termite and rot resistance). A large tree that grows in the dryer climates of Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland, Tallowwood is one of the original timber species used for hardwood flooring in Australia and is used for a wide range of applications.

Tallowwood solid timber flooring

Tallowwood Timber

Species in Detail

Common Names: Tallowwood

Look & Features: Moderately coarse but even texture with an interlocked grain

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Microcorys

Colour: Golden honey brown with a tinge of olive

Dry Density: 990kg/m3

Natural Durability: Class 1 (above ground)

Species Hardness - Janka Rating


Product Matrix

Product Matrix for Tallowwood Timber Flooring