Engineered Oak Flooring

Versatile, elegant, and reliable - oak that's designed to overcome challenges associated with natural floorboards. Engineered oak is environmentally sustainable, it adapts to humid conditions, and is generally more affordable than solid hardwood floors. Beautiful and comfortably tactile underfoot, engineered oak offers peace of mind for the style and environmentally conscious.

Engineered oak looks and feels like real hardwood floor - because it is, kind of. This means you get the appearance of a naturally classic floor, for a better price, a faster installation, and an arguably superior performance than full hardwood planks. You can choose from a wide range of natural and stained colours, wood grains, and textures to suit your home.

What is engineered oak?

Beauty on top, business underneath: engineered oak planks are made from tightly compressed layers of wood. The top layer, the one you see and walk on, is made from real oak. The lower layers are blended wood composites from sustainable sources. These engineered wood layers are designed to be less responsive to humidity than hardwood, meaning it won’t expand and buckle like full hardwood planks can.

Is engineered oak the right choice for you?

Walk easy on engineered oak planks - their production has a lower impact on the environment. The composite wood in the underlayer of engineered oak planks is usually sourced from quick-growing and sustainable forests. (In comparison, vinyl products use plastics, and hardwood floor planks are entirely made from slow-growing forests.)

The upper layer of real oak provides the look and feel of a beautifully stylish floor, which will enhance your home lifestyle. It's largely unaffected by dampness and humidity so you can use it in any room. Finally, it can increase the resale value of your property without having to invest in a full hardwood floor.

Will it suit your budget?

Engineered oak floors are priced to suit those who want a gorgeous home and money left over for other investments. While engineered planks are more affordable than solid hardwood flooring; they are generally more expensive than vinyl, laminate, and bamboo options. For specific information on pricing, please request a quote.

When you shouldn’t choose engineered oak

Engineered oak is such a great choice it is difficult to think of reasons why you shouldn’t have it. It's a commitment - the top layer can be sanded down and re-stained, but not often as the underlayer will begin to show through. Also, be careful if you're choosing a style to match an existing hardwood floor from a specific period. It's better to go with something different but complementary.

Free assessment

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