Solid Timber Flooring

Want the most unique, strong and comfortable flooring? You can’t go past timber. A natural timber floor appeals to the senses - not only by being beautiful, but also pleasant under bare feet in any season. For a classic investment that adds value to your home or property, timber flooring is the ultimate choice.

Will timber flooring suit your place?

Yes, of course. Timber floors are highly attractive, long lasting, and can be sanded down and re-stained when you feel like a change. Because the planks are made from real timber, individual patterns and colours will vary to create a floor that is uniquely yours.

However, practical considerations include the condition of your subfloor, structural features above your floor (for example, doors and stairs), and your budget.

Are timber floors suitable for your lifestyle?

Timber flooring is non-allergenic, and easy to clean. If you want to protect and maintain the floor’s finish, it may need a little extra attention. Behaviour like removing your shoes, padding your furniture’s feet, and regularly clipping your pet’s claws will go a long way to ensure your floor stays beautiful. It’s also good to occasionally care for your floor with an oil treatment, or buff and re-finish.

Will timber flooring meet your budget?

Timber flooring is unique and can last a lifetime, which makes it a highly desirable option. The planks will vary in price according to plant species and availability, but are generally more expensive than other flooring types.

Other factors can add to the cost. For example, an uneven or concrete subfloor will require work to prepare it for the planks.

The planks are generally thicker than other flooring types, which means your floor height may raise a few millimetres. This will impact whether or not doors can open, how you step off or onto the bottom stair, and whether or not your dishwasher can be removed from its nook.

The timber itself may also require a special finish, depending on which product you choose. We have solutions to all these challenges and can advise during our free assessment. Contact us for a free assessment or quote.

When is timber flooring the wrong choice?

If you plan to rent your home or property, vinyl or engineered oak would be a more affordable and lower-maintenance choice.

If you have an apartment and it’s not on the ground floor, check the body corporate laws - you may need soundproofing installed below the floorboards, which will add to the cost.

If you need the floor ready on a tight schedule we recommend engineered oak as timber floors take time to acclimatise.

If your floor has moisture or damp issues we recommend vinyl or engineered oak, or a moisture protection layer, depending on the severity. Timber floors will absorb moisture and expand, making them unsuitable for poorly sealed below-ground floors such as basements.

Free assessment

We're proud of doing our job right and pleasing our clients. We can identify (and resolve) any dampness, subfloor inconsistencies, and other troubling conditions before installation, so you have a long-lasting and beautiful floor. Our free assessment of your space includes personalised product recommendations, and a quote on products and installation. Book your free assessment now.