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Blackbutt is a common tree in the wild and its timber is an Australian favourite. It grows in abundance in NSW and southern QLD coastal forests. Due to its colour colour and suitability for staining this solid timber is a popular choice for indoor use. Additionally, its high natural durability and strength make it popular for external & structural use.

Blackbutt Solid Timber Flooring

Blackbutt hardwood timber

Species in Detail

Common Names: Blackbutt, Coastal Blackbutt

Look & Features: Exhibits pinholes, dark gum veins and some surface checking

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Pilularis

Colour: Colour fairly even from a light honey through to golden nutty browns - sapwood is distinctively paler

Dry Density: 900kg/m3

Natural Durability: Class 1 (above ground)

Species Hardness - Janka Rating


Product Matrix

Product Matrix for Blackbutt Timber

Photos of completed jobs using Solid Blackbutt timber flooring

Blackbutt solid timber flooring

Hurford Blackbutt Flooring, Satin Finish

View photos of Big River Blackbutt Armour Floor installation at Lysterfield, with a loba gloss finish

View photos of Big River Blackbutt Armour Floor installation at Rowville, with a urethane coating semi gloss finish

Hurford Blackbutt 180x14 standard grade, loba matt finish

View photos of Hurford Blackbutt flooring installation at Malvern, with a loba matt finish