Installation Photos

Interested in what we do, or looking for inspiration? Our guys share their work with photos, videos, and 360 degree walk-throughs. Explore their galleries!


Vinyl Titanium Flooring Job

Inovar Titanium, commercial office job.

Vinyl Como Flooring job

Ornato Como, residential hallway job.

Ultimo Cayenne Vinyl Flooring Job

Ultimo Cayenne, at Blue Room Restaurant in South Melbourne.

Ornato Como Looselay Vinyl Planks

Ornato Como looselay vinyl planks, residential job.

Karndean Knight tiles and Lemon Spotted Gum

Karndean Knight tiles (bathroom) & Lemon Spotted Gum (kitchen/laundry).

Karndean Lemon Spotted Gum

Karndean Lemon Spotted Gum, residential job.

Ultimo Grey Marle Vinyl Installation job

Ultimo Grey Marle, installed as a herringbone pattern at a Furniture Store in Fitzroy.

Ultimo Oatmeal Vinyl commercial job

Ultimo Oatmeal, commercial job at Caulfield.


Spotted Gum Hardwood Flooring

Some 'before' photos and a moisture reading for the Spotted Gum residential job.

Moonlight Engineered Oak Hardwood Flooring

Moonlight Engineered Oak, big residential job involving the removal of tiles, subfloor, chipboard & joist; as well as installing new joist, chipboard, and flooring.

Big River Spotted Gum Hardwood Flooring

Big River Spotted Gum, residential job.

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